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Offering more unique activities than many U.K. and arguably E.U. destinations, Prague have developed an incredible reputation over the years and we’re proud to have contributed to it. The city still continues to be one of our most popular stag weekend destinations and it’s not hard to see why.

Belgrade is absolutely brimming with fantastic activities for different types of groups to enjoy. From an AK-47 and Pistol Shooting Experience to a Nightlife experience, you certainly will not be stuck for things to do on a weekend in Belgrade. We strongly suggest that you absorb some of the culture that Belgrade has to offer, lads. Belgrade is a city that has so much to offer, it’s got some stunning sights and interesting history. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you spend an afternoon in a stuffy museum. Instead, we recommend that you book a table at nightclub or private boat with drinks and strippers.


When it comes to the crunch, booking a weekend for your company of friends can be a big, nay, gargantuan task! Where to go? What to do? What's good? What's bad? How many people will come? How do I pay for all this?

About our company

About our company

Belgrade's Finest is a absolutely FREE service. During the 8 years of our existence we have became the leader of the nightlife industry in Belgrade. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are aiming to deliver you the best adventure. We have the best agreements with local nightclubs, villas, appartments, restaurants, bars, car and yacht services. We have exclusive and discounted offers for all events in Belgrade. We will take care of every detail. We'll leave it up to you to enjoy and relax without worrying about anything.

Why to choose us

We are so sure that our services and prices are the most advantageous in the market, that if you find a better one, we would cover the difference when making the reservation.
You will never find service in the Belgrade at a better price than the one we offer you, and our prices are lower compared to the official one published by the clubs, villas and other...
We care for our client’s satisfaction all the way from the first call to the end of the event and we are 24/7 available to answer all of our client’s calls, messages, and inquiries.
Our event manager or host is always there to make sure that everything is going as it is supposed to be, which simply means that he is making sure that you are having the best night of your life.

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