Top 10 in Belgrade


Location of Kalemegdanska Terasa will delight you. This restaurant located in the most beautiful area of Belgrade, Kalemegdan, also it is completely integrated in the fortress ambient. In numerous battles great nations left their traces on Kalemegdan. This place was affected by the times of Singidunum, where the ancient Greek city was located and were originally inhabited by the Celtic tribe in the 3rd century BC. Also, the capital of medieval Serbia was in the same place in the 15th century. After long wars, the fortress became truly amazingly formed and got its purpose. On the territory of the fortress you can find: Military Museum, which will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the era of wars, a fascinating embankment, a delightful art pavilion, a zoo that will enrapture young guests, as well as the most famous terrace in the city - Kalemegdan Terrace.


Hyde Park is a new restaurant, its location plays an important role, as it is located in the most elite part of the city, on Dedinje. The atmosphere of this place is truly amazing, because the interior was designed with great enthusiasm and each detail was taken into account when decorating the restaurant. You are guaranteed to get the impression that you are not in a restaurant, but in a fairy-tale world, where every detail is truly beautiful and perfect. There is a beautiful garden on the territory of the restaurant, which will show you the real luxury in the picturesque natural environment. You will not regret visiting this fabulous place.


When it comes to the oldest restaurant in the city, instantly pops up the thought of the Dva Jelena Restaurant in Skadarlija, which is the bohemian centre of the city, you may know it as the Belgrade Montmartre. The restaurant was founded in 1832 and has preserved itself in the history of Belgrade as one of the most visited and one of the oldest restaurants in the city. It is worth mentioning that due to the traditions of Serbian national cuisine, it is the largest restaurant with a menu service in the city. To this day, this restaurant is a meeting place for true keepers of the city spirit, the lovers of incredible national cuisine and excellent wines from all over the world.


The restaurant "Manufactura" has an interesting concept and located in the center of Belgrade. This wonderful place guaranteed to remain in your memory because of the unusual interior, which creates a relaxing and calm atmosphere and because of the specific food served in this restaurant. The important thing is that all the products that are used to prepare dishes come from organic agriculture. At the restaurant you can buy amazing wines and brandy from the best domestic and private wineries and alcoholic beverages. You can try dishes on the grill, dishes under the honeycomb, directly with kerchief. The restaurant is famous for its famous dishes of Greek, Bulgarian and Macedonian cuisine and the best traditional home cuisine. All this magnificence of gastronomy you can experience in the Manufactura restaurant.


The restaurant Frans is rightly an example of Belgrade hospitality, which is manifested in excellent food, professional and friendly staff, as well as in a cozy design, which is created by pleasant and gentle lamps, glamorous garden, which will make you admire it without taking your eyes off. The location of the restaurant is ideal, it is located on Fransa Deperea Street, it can be reached quickly and liesurely from anywhere in the city, wherever you are.

SALON 1905

If you want to get into a luxury space that will be like Vienna or Paris, then you should visit the Salon 1905. The building of the restaurant was built in the center of Belgrade's Old town in 1905, which refers to the name of the place. You will be amazed by the impressive interior, which consists of baroque and modern style. A high ceiling, a combination of rare marble, gold and brass - all this you will see after a superior staff will walk you down the delightful marble staircase, which leads you right to the entrance to the restaurant.


"One more smoke, one more glass, One more song, one more lass And then goodbye, my musician, Goodbye, my hostelry, forever"-wrote a famous man in Serbian poetry and art, Djura Jaksic, who frequently visited the restaurant Tri Sesira, which has been operating since 1864 and located in the ancient block of Skadarlija. Skadarlija is an unforgettable and beautiful history of old Belgrade. The citizens of Belgrade have heard stories and anecdotes from our own and foreign artists, who said they spent the best days in Skadarlija at night.


Maderas current appearance was only given to it in May 2003, but the place where the Madera restaurant is located has its own history. By order of Prince Miloš Obrenović, the area where Madera restaurant is now located was used to sell gun-powder cornets. The place where the restaurant now stands was occupied by a place where coachmen and blue-collars were met, called Smederevo. After that, in 1937, a modernist building was built ,in the lobby of which was the Madera restaurant. There is a history that the restaurant was named after the wine that the guest of the restaurant brought from the Portuguese island of Maidera. Artists, Belgrade Bohemians, journalists, whom people call "maderaši", joined the restaurant. Among them are famous personalities such as Ljuba Tadić, Miroslav Radojčić, Aca Obradović, Miljan Miljanić, Dragoslav Šekularac and others.


Whatever the purpose of your visit to the CANTINA DE FRIDA restaurant, you will always get much more than you expected. CANTINA DE FRIDA, as well as the delightful Frida Kahlo, whose name is proudly inscribed in the name of the restaurant, will not leave anyone indifferent. The restaurant has a unique atmosphere where you can have coffee with friends, have a family lunch, sit after your work with cocktails and experience evening entertainment with excellent music. At CANTINA DE FRIDA you can try Mediterranean cuisines, make new acquaintances, experience things you won't experience anywhere else, visiting different places. CANTINA DE FRIDA is a place where you can enjoy an event of any complexity, from a business meeting to a beautiful birthday party with friends and family.


Nowadays the restaurant KOVAČ is the guarantor of comfortable and calm atmosphere, it was founded in 1932 on the place where there was a road tavern at the time of the Turks. In 2005 the restaurant was completely renovated and saved its nostalgia sense. Today KOVAČ is an ethno- restaurant where you can eat representative Serbian cuisine, world cuisine and taste the best Serbian wines. Beautiful music in the restaurant with a good wine and dish allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of the past days. Waiters will help you with their professionalism and knowledge of all the basics of cooking. Ethno-restaurant "Kovac" is waiting for you with open doors.