Hot Mess

11:30 PM - 04:00 AM
Usce BB, Belgrade
Hot Mess is the pinnacle of luxury and stimulation, and is exactly what one would expect from the next iteration of Belgrade nightlife. Beside the pool, which is located, in the central part of the club, there are comfortable bed-shaped booths. There is also a second level, where you can escape from the crowd. Hot Mess it’s all about great music and even better nightlife experience with your friends.
Music: R'n'B, House
Capasity: 350 People
Dress Code: No
Guestlist: Yes
Age Limit: 21+
Bottle Service: Yes


Hot Mess table minimums

sofa Nightclub Hot Mess Standard VIP - 250euro min for 2 premium bottles
10 geusts max (price is per group and varies by bottles)

sofa2 Nightclub Hot Mess High Seat - 125euro min for 1 premium bottle
10 geusts max (price is per group and varies by bottles)

sofa3 Nightclub Hot Mess Bar Table - 50euro spend min
8 geusts max (price is per group for drinks)

bar Nightclub Hot Mess Bar Spot - No spend min
No geusts max


MONDAY - R'n'B Party
SATURDAY - Cherry On Top (R'n'B Party)

Price List

Price List Nightclub Hot Mess

Table Map

Table Map Nightclub Hot Mess