Hangover Party



Transportation to the club with Mercedes (Mini Van)
Entering without waiting in line
Central Main VIP table
A personal waiter
6 greygoose 0,7L + Soft drinks
An English speaking Event manager or Host
Gorgeous girls to hang out with in the nightclub if you need it
Package price 850€
Price without package 1150€


Belgrades Finest is the leader company in VIP guest lists and VIP table booking in Belgrade. Our guest volume on VIP guest lists and VIP tables is superior to that of all the other vendors combined. Because of this, we have the best agreements with local clubs. We have exclusive and discounted prices from all the clubs VIP areas and events.


You can be sure that you and your group are in good hands and will be treated like a true VIP during your visit. Should you experience any issue on your night, you can contact us and we will always try to the fullest of our possibilities to sort it or be supportive and stand for our clients.


We won’t tell you that something is good if it isn’t. If what you want to do doesn´t require our service than we’ll provide you guidance and directions as courtesy.


So if you’re interested in getting bottle service, you may be wondering how much it’s going to cost you. Main VIP table minimums are 3-5 premium bottles per group, depending on their position. Standard VIP table minimum is 2 premium bottles per group(average price of premium bottle 0,7L is around 150€).

Bottle packages

Bottle packages

Bottle services is your ultimate source for a true VIP experience. Whether you’re attending for a special celebration or simply want a night of great music and friendly socialization, you’ll no doubt want to splurge on a private table and bottle service.

Why to choose us

We are so sure that our services and prices are the most advantageous in the market, that if you find a better one, we would cover the difference when making the reservation.
You will never find service in the Belgrade at a better price than the one we offer you, and our prices are lower compared to the official one published by the clubs, villas and other...
We care for our client’s satisfaction all the way from the first call to the end of the event and we are 24/7 available to answer all of our client’s calls, messages, and inquiries.
Our event manager or host is always there to make sure that everything is going as it is supposed to be, which simply means that he is making sure that you are having the best night of your life.

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