About Us

At BG Finest, the sole aim is for our clients to see and enjoy the best that Belgrade has to offer. The service is tailor-made to your individual or group requirements, showing you the best of the city – unlocked by your personal Belgrade concierge. With the city continuing to grow, it allows BG Finest to offer an increased choice to clients. We are here to help you with your decision on where to go, what to do and when to do it. Let us take care of the everything for you – no need to stress.

Our Guarantee

We are so sure that our services and prices are the most advantageous in the market, that if you find a better one, we would cover the difference when making the reservation. So you can rest assured that our prices are the best in the market. Our service is free of charge. Therefore you will never find service with better price than we offer you. Since the moment you land in Belgrade our team will track your stay and will give you the continuos support to make your trip as comfortable and pleasant as possible. All the arrangements will be done by our team. With Belgrades Finest you are special guest.

How to reach us

Phone: +381 60 144 32 21