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Be safe with us

Professional Security Service in Belgrade

Professional service

Trained & Qualified bodyguard

Guaranteed security

Security service

We strongly recommend that you use our security service. We employ only professionals who have been tested for years of service. We trust our employees no less than ourselves, especially in the field of security, as we understand that this is the foundation of a good rest. Now you don’t even need to think about your safety, we will take care of it ourselves.


Private Nightclub Security

We provide your personally security during the whole party. No one will be able to come to your booths without your permission.

50€ per men.

Private City Security

If you don't need personally security just for club, and you want them to go with you around the city and protect you or yours bags, you can pick this.

100€ per men for 8 hours.

Secure Your Villa

You can take a security to protect your villa. We will search whole accommodation and stay outside and inside.

100€ per men (Minimum 3)

Security In Vehicle

If you need security for limousine or private boat, just for stay inside for your safety, you can choose this service.

50€ per men for 2 hours.