Top 5 in Belgrade


In order to promote and develop beer culture in Serbia, the Samo Pivo Pub/Bar was established. Unfortunately, beer culture is still underrepresented in Serbia. The main idea of SAMO PIVO! - ''JUST BEER!'' project. The "JUST BEER!" project aims to finally give Belgrade and Serbia, after so many years, a place fully dedicated to the hop beverage and all the beer brands currently available in Serbia, and to improve the consumption culture of this popular beverage in the world. The aim of the pub is gradually and continuously support the idea of a rich and beautifully diversified world of hop beverage beer by educating the public about the history of the beverage, promoting the currently unrecognized brands and introducing brand-new brands that are currently unavailable on our market and will be exclusive in our institution!


Even before the Second World War, foreigners knew that the fastest and most correct way to become a Belgrade citizen was by pilgrimage to many Belgrade pubs and taverns. Belgrade guaranteed a gourmet paradise, and this was written by many who usually left the city complaining that they were a little bit obese or smarter. To this day, it is still considered a bad tone not to enter the Belgrade Pub and not to spend time culturally.


The Shootiranje Bar is located in the centre of Belgrade. It can be found at Gavrila Principa 7. The bar is open from 8 a.m. to midnight and at the weekend it is open until 01 a.m., so you will have plenty of time to spend a good weekend. It is a beautifully decorated place with modern interiors and specially created lighting, which shows the imagination of everyone. Low seats play a special role in the interior of the bar. Capacity of the bar is 100 people, and the mood is always at the highest level, because of the large number of people! Modern furniture brings aesthetic pleasure and provides maximum comfort and pleasant pastime. In this perfect bar everything is thought over to the smallest details, and priority is always given exclusively to the guests of the place. Friendly and, most importantly, professionally trained staff will do their best to have a party unforgettable!


One of the most sporty places in the Belgrad is Square Five Bar. Square Five Bar is designed for sports lovers, social entertainment lovers, as well as lovers of delicious food and amazing drinks! The modern interior is fully consistent with the spirit of sport in our times. The walls of the bar are painted with sports motifs. Chefs put their souls into dishes for devoted fans! Square Five Bar is a place where you can relax with a pleasant sports atmosphere and the most beautiful view of the Republic Square. In addition to all the favorite sports, Square Five often organizes acoustic concerts for visitors, as well as famous local DJs every night to cheer up and maintain the atmosphere!


Club Wurst is located in a phenomenal place, in the center of the capital of Serbia on Macedonian Street 4. The club invites you to enjoy good music and also the opportunity to experience the magic of the taste of drinks in this beautiful place. The Wurst Club has two completely different scenes: The «Hell» Scene, which has a capacity of 400 people and the «Heaven» Scene, which has a capacity of 200 people. The club is very veil from customers, so the Club ready to hold an event of any type, as long as the client is satisfied with the time spent. Club Wurst is looking forward to everyone!